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WeNFT Metaversity

A Play to (L)earn certification and headhunting platform for Web 3.0

Tailored Learning

Elite training from top professionals in the industry

Understand the Web 3.0 landscape.

Learn about earning income from Web 3.0 in a safe learning environment.

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What We Offer

WeNFT Metaversity is a Web3 educational platform focused on providing educational courses for students on NFTs and Cryptocurrency. After Graduation you can use your knowledge to work on Web3 projects with our trusted partners. We actively place our students in working projects. Work part time or full time. 

Why Choose WeNFT Metaversity?

Learn Marketing

Marketing is vital to a project's success. Here you will be immersed in various best practices.

Study past projects

Learn from previous blue-chip projects by studying their past failures and successes.


Understand what tokenomics are and how to conceive a solid project around them.

Get a Job in Web3

Use your newly found knowledge to work on Web3 NFT and metaverse projects. Work part time or make it a career.